High peaks of Pakistan

Sost (PK) – Lahore (PK) / 11243 km / 5.48 Million Turns / September 19th – October 13th, 2019 Of all the countries that we cycled through, Pakistan was the one we had the most mixed feelings about before we entered. Earmarked … Read More

China’s Wild Wild West

Ulugqat (CN) – Tashkurgan (CN) / 10560 km / 5.15 Million Turns / September 12th – September 19th, 2019 “Excuse me, but what is this??” the border guard asked somewhat amazed and pointing to the video on Sabine’s phone. “Uhhh, ah yes.. … Read More

Cycling in ‘heaven-on-earth’ Kyrgyzstan

Sary Tash (KG) – Irkeshtam (KG) / 10157 km / 4.95 Million Turns / August 21st – September 12th, 2019 It’s funny how your mind can make preconceptions about a country, based on nothing. We heard Kyrgyzstan is a great cycling country and … Read More

Cycling on the Roof of the World

Panjakent (TJ) – Sary Tash (KG) / 9110 km / 4.44 Million Turns / July 19th – August 21st, 2019 “HELLOOOO WHAT IS YOUR NAME!!!!!???”, some Tajik kids are shouting from the top of the hill and from the top of their lungs. With … Read More

Half a year on the road

They say that when you have a new job, you need at least a hundred days before you decide whether or not you like it. In these first hundred days you need to adapt, to see what is going on … Read More

Did we mention it was hot in Turkmenistan?…

Serakhs (IR) – Samarkand (UZ) / 7490 km / 3.65 Million Turns / July 9th – July 19th, 2019 When people ask us how we experienced Turkmenistan, we normally begin with: “it was hot, and it was tough. And the road was … Read More

“En Iran, vous n’êtes jamais seuls”

Astara (IR) – Serakhs (IR) / 6866 km / 3.35 Million Turns / June 19th – July 9th, 2019 Sometimes it takes a few seconds between seeing something with your eyes and actually constructing the picture in your mind. While doing groceries … Read More

A detour in the Caucasus

Khashuri (GE) – Lankaran (AZ) / 5874 km / 2.87 Million Turns / June 1st – June 19th, 2019 As we enter the courtyard of the restaurant, we notice a big group of people who have clearly had some (some too much?) … Read More

Problem? Problem Yok!

Göreme (TK) – Turkgozu (TK) / 5056 km / 2.46 Million Turns / May 18th – June 1st , 2019 Being over a month in Turkey, you do pick up some (basic) phrases to communicate in the local language: hot, cold, food, sleep, … Read More

Turkish Delight

Istanbul (TK) – Göreme (TK) / 4232 km / 2.06 Million Turns / April 26th – May 18th, 2019 Before we left on our bike trip, both of us thought “a whole year of travelling for sure means we can really … Read More