Cycling in ‘heaven-on-earth’ Kyrgyzstan

Sary Tash (KG)- Irkeshtam (KG) / 10157 km / 4.95 Million Turns It’s funny how your mind can make preconceptions about a country, based on nothing. We heard Kyrgyzstan is a great cycling country and were really looking forward to it. However, … Read More

Cycling on the Roof of the World

Samarkand (UZ) – Sary Tash (KG) / 9110 km / 4.44 Million Turns “HELLOOOO WHAT IS YOUR NAME!!!!!???”, some Tajik kids are shouting from the top of the hill and from the top of their lungs. With a big smile we answer … Read More

Half a year on the road

They say that when you have a new job, you need at least a hundred days before you decide whether or not you like it. In these first hundred days you need to adapt, to see what is going on … Read More