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New Zealand (Part 1): Cirrus clouds in the sky

Queenstown (NZ) – Wanaka (NZ)  / 18654 km / 9.09 Million Turns / March 1st – March 19th, 2020 Airport nights. One way or another they will always be remembered for a long while after, and not necessarily for good reasons. … Read More

In the footsteps of Vietnam’s “Uncle Ho”

Phong Nha (VN) – Hanoi (VN) / 17137 km / 8.35 Million Turns / February 3rd – February 17th, 2020 ă, ằ, ầ, ấ, ẵ, ẫ, ẳ, ẩ. The Vietnamese alphabet looked quite similar at first, but after some trying it turned … Read More