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Ten million faces of India

Amritsar (IN) – Banbasa (IN) / 12280 km / 5.9 Million Turns A few times already on this trip, we returned to places already visited before, but now on the bike. So was the same for Amritsar, India. After leaving Lahore … Read More

High peaks of Pakistan

Sost (PK)- Lahore (PK) / 11243 km / 5.48 Million Turns Of all the countries that we cycled through, Pakistan was the one we had the most mixed feelings about before we entered. Earmarked in the media as dangerous and terrorist-inhabited, … Read More

China’s Wild Wild West

Ulugqat (CN)- Tashkurgan (CN) / 10560 km / 5.15 Million Turns “Excuse me, but what is this??” the border guard asked somewhat amazed and pointing to the video on Sabine’s phone. “Uhhh, ah yes.. that is uh.. me.. shooting a hunting … Read More