“My big dream is to one day cycle from Amsterdam to Asia”. On our first date in a cozy bar somewhere in Amsterdam Sabine mentioned her idea to Tom. “Well, maybe one day I’ll join you for a few days” was Tom’s response. Now, three years later we are at the start of this wild tour.

A zest for adventure, a physical and mental challenge and curiosity to experience the daily life of people from all over the world up close are a few of the reasons we are heading east. By bike, because it allows us to experience different cultures more slowly and gives you more time for involvement with others. Moreover, a physical, and therefore mental challenge is so much more rewarding than a snapshot out of a car or bus window. A year is more or less the least amount of time we need to get somewhere far away, although mentioning we will be on a bike for such a long period makes both of us a little anxious.

Apart from a few days cycling in Sicily and our daily commute in Amsterdam we have little experience in long distance cycling, but we go by the saying: “Fortune favours the bold!” Over the last year we have been saving money and preparing ourselves for this trip. In March 2019 we will leave our comfortable home in Amsterdam in exchange for life on a bike and in a tent!

Ten Million Turns

In case you are wondering about our name: It takes about ten million turns or rotations of our bicycle wheels to reach Auckland!